Flat concrete floor, with a parquet floor 7m wide and 9m deep in the middle. Black dance vinyl is available for the total floor area. Black fond and side walls are also available. The hall can be fully darkened. The dressing room has a toilet and two showers and can accommodate 8 people.

Download technical data (old hall)


The golden hall is a theatre hall with flat floor and grey concrete walls and roof. The walls are covered with black curtains. These are not removable. The auditorium has a herringbone parquet floor measuring 9m (wide) x 16m (deep). When the seating stand is fully extended, the stage measures 9x9m. Black dance vinyl is available for the entire stage area. The dressing room can accommodate up to 8 people. It has 2 showers and 2 toilets. The entire room has smoke detection. The maximum capacity of the grandstand is 127 seats.

Download technical data (golden hall)

For questions, please contact An De Hondt: techniek [at] or call +32 (0)15 20 37 80 or +32 (0)479 31 57 24.

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