22 January 2025 20.00 uur
Begijnenstraat 27
2800 | Mechelen
kunstencentrum nona - gouden zaal
Ottla + SPOOK

Ottla + SPOOK

From September 2024, nona's Golden Hall will be transformed into an intimate club where jazz takes center stage. With good sound, fine atmosphere, tasty drinks and delicious finger food! Nova Express brings a diverse selection of the most exciting jazz from home and abroad. 

© Alex Schuurbiers

Ottla is the band Bert Dockx formed to celebrate JazzLab's 25th anniversary. It led to lauded concerts and a rock-solid album, a handsome addition to his work with Dans Dans and Flying Horseman. When Josse De Pauw asked Dockx to improvise to a monologue he was working on in 2021, a new Ottla was born, a strong performance and live EP. Now there is finally Ottla's new album Vogel, a dizzying trip full of whimsical twists and turns, greedy sounds - between afro, electro, blues, groove, kraut and jazz -, and songs that will undoubtedly be turned inside out live.

Guitar: Bert Dockx • reeds, synthesizer: Thomas Jillings • bass: Gerben Brijs • drums: Louis Evrard 



SPOOK unites musical pivotal figures Nicolas Rombouts, Simon Segers and Filip Wauters. Since 2020, they have been playing free improvisations laced with bits of composition. They move between intimacy, minimal drones and explosive grooves, always with a focus on intense interplay in the moment. In 2022, they released their self-titled debut album full of post-western. On their new album The Brood, again out via W.E.R.F. records, they create a contemporary sound further away from country. Feel free to call it Eastern-tinged, meditative improvisation. Or a play with abstraction and repetitiveness. It remains unusually exciting music.

Bass: Nicolas Rombouts • drums: Simon Segers • guitar, pedal steel: Filip Wauters