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De Beren Gieren
What Eludes Us

De Beren Gieren

What Eludes Us

De Beren Gieren, perhaps the most acclaimed Belgian jazz trio of the past decade, returns to nona with its seventh album!

What Eludes Us is an ode to what escapes us. And what we consciously want to look away from. For their 7th full album, De Beren Gieren (“The Bear Vultures”) even ignored the unimaginable beauty of the Norwegian fjords by sneaking into a dusty recording studio in the harbor of Bergen. They worked with the celebrated and mysterious producer Jørgen Træen (a.o. Jaga Jazzist) who silently watched over the imperfections and interference as the driving force behind the skilled and lively playing of this electro-acoustic jazz trio.

The result turns out to be compelling music with deceptive rhythms, clear melodies and uninhibited electronics in a way that also surprises themselves. How did that happen again?


De Beren Gieren is considered one of the most adventurous bands in the Benelux. The trio undoubtedly belongs to the cream of the Belgian jazz scene and has not quit exploring since its formation in 2009. Their second album A Raveling led to their international breakthrough as early as 2013; it was followed by The Detour Fish, a live recording with Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, in late 2014. The record was released on leading Portuguese label Clean Feed and received praise from all corners of the world.

Subsequent albums One Mirrors Many (2015), Dug Out Skyscrapers (2017) and Less Is Endless (2021) confirmed its status as one of the most adventurous and respected Belgian jazz bands at home and abroad.  Besides their close collaboration with Susana Santos Silva, De Beren Gieren played with other international luminaries such as Jan Klare, Jean-Yves Evrard, Ernst Reijseger, Joachim Badenhorst, Marc Ribot and Louis Sclavis.

Fulco Ottervanger piano, synth, elektronica  • Lieven Van Pée contrabas, basgitaar, elektronica  • Simon Segers drums, elektronica