(c) Atelier Brenda
(c) Atelier Brenda


9 September 2023 tot 5 November 2023
Begijnenstraat 19+27
2800 | Mechelen
kunstencentrum nona





C0N10UR includes two exhibitions (Museum Hof van Busleyden), a continuous film screening at nona and daily film screenings (14:00) at Cinema Lumière Mechelen.

C0N10UR is taking place at four venues in the heart of Mechelen. The short walking route between the downtown locations allows visitors to spend a full day watching and listening. You start your visit at one of the two points of sale (kunstencentrum nona or Museum Hof van Busleyden), where you can purchase or pick up the C0N10UR-pass. You will need this pass to visit all venues in Mechelen.

During the biennial, C0N10UR is presenting a film program at Cinema Lumière Mechelen from Wednesday to Sunday at 14:00. You can visit the other three locations (kunstencentrum nona, Museum Hof van Busleyden, and De Garage) from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00.

Thanks to the cultural partners argos centre for audiovisual arts in Brussels and Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerp, you can also experience part of C0N10UR outside of Mechelen. These places are an integral part of the biennial and are accessible during their regular opening hours.



kunstencentrum nona

In kunstencentrum nona, the curators invited a group of artists to be inspired by the work of the well-known, Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman. They specifically presented them News from Home, the 1976 feature film with two equal main characters: the island of Manhattan, New York where the director resides and her mother in Brussels who, through a stream of letters, demands increasingly urgent news. The group was asked to make one film together: each with their own voice, style, and starting point.

With: Eva Giolo, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Katja Mater, Sirah Foighel Brutmann en Eitan Efrat, Maaike Neuville.

yours, (2023, 80’, Dutch, English, French spoken, Dutch and English subtitles)

The film runs continuously. Screenings start at 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00. You can enter the venue at any time.

Museum Hof van Busleyden

In Museum Hof van Busleyden, a massive wall acts as a projection screen for a continuous film program: thirty films and film clips after and next to each other, in different formats and mostly without genres. The logic behind their montage is not that of narrative but of resonance in a shared space. Facing the wall, Subversive Film depicts the many meanings of assemblage, on the side wall, Melissa Gordon offers look-out.

With: Aay Liparoto, Alex Reynolds, Alma Söderberg, Annik Leroy, Brahim Tall, Camille Picquot, Chloé Malcotti, Eric de Kuyper, Eva Claus, Eva Giolo, Frederic Rzewski, Julie Morel, Kevin Jerome Everson, Léonard Pongo, Melissa Gordon, Mieriën Coppens, Mischa Dols, Omar A. Chowdhury, Subversive Film.

De Garage

In De Garage, C0N10UR brings together voices and sounds that ask to be heard. Listening here sounds like an invitation, a question, a call. Not as an order to be obeyed blindly. On the contrary, hearing can prompt questions. Who speaks when and from what position? Who gets to speak? Who takes the floor? Who makes themselves heard? Who makes noise? Not to mention, how does it sound? Listening may differ from looking, but sound makes it possible to adjust our perception.

With: Alex Reynolds, Alexandre Mulongo Finkelstein, Chloé Malcotti, Dominique De Groen, Effi & Amir, Frederic Rzewski, Guy-Marc Hinant,  Rosine Mbakam, Sandra Muteteri Heremans.

Cinema Lumière Mechelen

At Cinema Lumière Mechelen, C0N10UR presents a series of films by Annik Leroy and Julie Morel, Chloé Malcotti, Mohanad Yaqubi, Alex Reynolds, Mieriën Coppens and Elie Maissin, Léonard Pongo, Effi & Amir.  Daily screening at 14:00. See the screening schedule below. (Premiere screenings are not included in the C0N10UR pass)

Sat 09.09 (premiere)
Sun 10.09
Wed 13.09 — Sun 17.09

Wed 20.09 — Sun 24.09
Wed 27.09 — Fri 29.09

Sat 23.09 (premiere)
Sat 30.09
Sun 1.10
Wed 4.10 — Sat 7.10

Sat 7.10 (premiere)
Sun 8.10
Wed 11.10 — Sat 14.10

Sat 14.10 (premiere)
sun 15.10
Wed 18.10 — Sat 21.10

Sat 21.10 (premiere
Sun 22.10
Wed 25.10 — Sat 28.10

Sun 29.10 
Wed 1.11 — Sat 5.11

Annik Leroy & Julie Morel
La force diagonale

(2023, 145’, Dutch, French, German, English en Bosnian spoken, Dutch subtitles)

Chloé Malcotti

(2021, 72’, Italian spoken, Dutch and English subtitles

Mohanad Yaqubi
R21 aka Restoring Solidarity

(2022, 71’, Arabic, English and Japanese spoken, Dutch subtitles)

Alex Reynolds
Palais (2020, 35’, sound) / Segunda persona, tercera persona (Part I)
(2023, 18', French spoken, Dutch and English subtitles)

Mieriën Coppens & Elie Maissin
Malgré tout

(2017-2023, 90', French and Peul spoken, Dutch and English subtitles)

Léonard Pongo
Tales from the Source
(2023, 39’, sound)

Effi & Amir
By the Throat
(2021, 78', multiple spoken languages, Dutch and French subtitles)








Argos (Brussels)

C0N10UR and argos in Brussels present Small Acts of Violence. You’re invited to walk through a low landscape of broken ceramics vases, moldy collages and brick walls. Wait in the seating area for a caring guide to welcome you into a fabric cocoon, and experience the artist Aay Liparoto’s immersive cinematic Virtual Reality work at the heart of this exhibition.

With: Aay Liparoto.

Kunsthal Extra City

With Double Voiced, Kunsthal Extra City in Antwerpen  and C0N10UR bring together the audiovisual work of four artists in a shared scenography created by Yuichiro Onuma. The exhibition looks at the everyday habits and objects that define these images, enters the domestic space and landscapes, listens to the human voice and nature, questions how self-images and identity are performed and constructed, and cherishes female role models.

With: Chloë Delanghe, Christina Stuhlberger, Eva Giolo, Rebecca Jane Arthur.

(c) Eva Claus, Applause (2017)


arts centre nona 
Begijnenstraat 27

Museum Hof van Busleyden 
Sint-Janstraat 2a

De Garage
Onder-Den-Toren 12

Cinema Lumière Mechelen 
Frederik de Merodestraat 28

Wednesday - Sunday >> 11:00 to 18:00 
The C0N10UR screenings at Cinema Lumière Mechelen always take place at 14:00 on those days.
The short walking route between the different locations allows visitors to view, listen and experience the biennial in one day.


argos centre for audiovisual arts
Werfstraat 13 Rue du chantier, 1000 Brussels
Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday, from noon to 7 p.m.

Kunsthal Extra City
Provinciestraat 112, 2018 Antwerp
Opening hours:
Thursday - Friday >> 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday >> 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The C0N10UR-pass gives you one day access to the three Mechelen venues (kunstencentrum nona, De Garage, Museum Hof van Busleyden) and a ticket that allows you to watch the various films - but not the premieres - during the biennial at Cinema Lumière Mechelen. All info via the ticket link. 

The start of your visit starts at one of the two sales points: arts centre nona or Museum Hof van Busleyden, where you can purchase or pick up the C0N10UR-pass. You will need this pass to visit the venues. 

The C0N10UR live events have separate rates. 

With museumPASSmusées you get access to all C0N10UR venues in Mechelen, Brussels (argos) and Antwerp (Kunsthal Extra City).

uses a pay what you can system: visitors pay the admission price that best suits their current financial situation.

Kunsthal Extra City applies a reduced rate of €5 for C0N10UR pass holders.